Appendicular Skeleton
by Allie and Joanne
Appendicular Skeleton Diagram and Pictures
Facts about the Appendicular Skeleton
Disorders, Damage, or Diseases
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Appendicular Skeleton Diagram and Pictures
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The Appendicular Skeleton....

Consists of the appendages (arms and legs) and the Pelvic and Pectoral Girdle.

Upper Part of the Appendicular Skeleton

The Arm (forelimb)..........

Contains the Humerus, Radius, Ulna, Carpal, Metacarpals, and Phalanges



The Pectoral Girdle......

The pectoral girdle consists of the clavicle (collar bone) and the scapula (shoulder blade)

The LowerAppendicular Skeleton

Pelvis Girdle. . . .

The Lower Limb.....

                                Thigh                                                Leg



Ankle and Foot

Facts about the Appendicular Skeleton
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                                                            a.  humerus : 1 bone
                                                            b.  Forearm : radius (1 bone) Ulna
                                                                (1 bone)
                                                            c.  wrist : carpal (8 bones)
                                                            d.  palm : metacarpals (5 bones)
                                                            E.  Phalanges (14 bones)                                           a.  Attaches lower limbs to the axial skeleton
                                                           b.  transfers the weight from the upper
                                                                body to the lower limbs
                                                           c.  Some of the strongest ligaments attach
                                                                the pelvic
                                                                to the axial skeleton
                                                           d.  Cup like holes and strong ligaments
                                                                attach thigh bones to the pelvic girdle,
                                                                this explains why our legs aren't as
                                                                mobile as our arms                                                             a.  thigh : femur (1 bone)
                                                            b.  knee : patella (1 bone)
                                                            c.  Leg : tibia (1 bone), fibula (1 bone),
                                                                tarsals (7 bones)
                                                            d.  foot : metatarsals (5 bones), Phalanges
                                                                    (14 bones)

  Your shoulder enables you to move your arms
                           360 degrees like a shower head.......

Disorders, Damage, and Diseases
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    - Bursitis
     It is resulted from over activity of a arm or leg.  The bursa, fluid filled bags which lubricate the surfaces of muscles to move over bones, get inflamed.  This causes pain in the joints.

  - Osteoporosis
    This is resulted from the lack of calcium in bones.  The bone loses bone tissue and may gradually disappear.

     This is a injury to a ligament which is caused when a sudden movement tears the tissues of the ligament.

     This is when the bone is broken.  There are many kinds of fractures :

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Suggested Readings and resources
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           - Encarta Deluxe
          Has some articles and pictures about the Appendicular Skeleton.

      Biology (book)
          It is the sixth edition and written by Cecie Starr and Ralph Taggart.  It includes everything about biology.

      1999 Grolier Multimedia Encycolpedia (Deluxe Edition)
            It has informative articles about the skeletal sysytem, including the appendicular sysytem.  It also contains diagrams and pictures.

Cool WebLinks
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    This is a very interesting and informative site that can tell you a lot about the appendicular and the axial skeleton.  It also includes great pictures showing the parts of each skeleton.
    This site has great pictures dealing with the upper and lower appendicular skeleton.  It also includes information about other parts of the skeletal system.
    It contains a list of good web links with diagrams from everything about the skeletal system.  Also includes respiratory, circulatory, digestive, etc. web links.
    This site includes the skeletal system in general.  It has brief bits of information on each area of the skeletal system.
    This site has photos of the skeletal system.  It includes nice images of the upper limbs, lower limbs, pectoral and pelvic girdle which are part of the appendicular skeleton.
    Has great pictures of the human skeleton, including photos of the appendicular skeleton.  Very nice site to go to for information and photos.

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